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Saturday, July 11, 2009

MarioKart Cake

Yesterday was my youngest son's 8th birthday.  He is having a little party today.  He LOVES MarioKart.  I have been working on a plan for his cake for a couple of weeks.

I'm really proud of this one.  This is probably my most ambitious cake yet.  It took some time (about 6 hours from start to finish) but so worth it.  Little man is too excited. 

It was a little iffy when placing the planet on top but we made it work. 

So here we begin.  I used a bundt cake pan to make the bottom layer and placed a paper towel roll covered in plastic food wrap to support the planet.  The planet is made with a round ball pan from Wilton.  This plan didn't work.  The planet was too heavy so we added some dowels, and I cut a small section off the bottom of the planet.  I took  a stiff piece of cardboard and covered it in foil, placing it on top of the dowels and paper towel holder to support the planet.  That worked. 

The Snow land is really just icing (can we say sugar buzz??).  All of the embellishments are made of marshmallow fondant and painted with food colouring.  Shaping all of the mushrooms and letting them air dry is the easiest way to do this.  Assembling with toothpicks.  We made the castle with toilet paper rolls and some brickwork I made on photoshop and printed out.

Rainbow Road is made of  fruit by the Foot and held in place with toothpicks.

Here is the bottom layer with a fondant road, the papertowel holder in the middle of the bundt cake.  All of our little embellishments follow air  drying.

Liam's Mario Cake 009 Liam's Mario Cake 011

Using the dowels and cardboard we assembled the planet, filing in the space between with white icing.   From there we just started adding all the characters and accessories as we went along to complete the cake.

Liam's Mario Cake 012 Liam's Mario Cake 014 Liam's Mario Cake 015 Liam's Mario Cake 020


  1. THANKS!!!! It was lots of fun making it (and trying to make sure the planet didn't fall off!!!) :)

  2. great cake, where did you get the figures?

  3. THAT was a challenge!! Many we made, but the really good looking ones? I searched online, found a bunch but couldn't get them in time. I called all kins of novelty shops, eventually found them in a little shop for collectibles at Square One Mall in Mississauga. They were key chains. I just pulled the chain/ring off of them. :)

  4. Is it just a coincidence this looks a lot like another cake I've seen online?

  5. Possibly Terra. I encourage people to take their inspiration and go with it. I prefer people source my ideas or recipes as I do when I am trying someone elses recipe but I'm not going to sweat it if they don't.

    This cake was made back in 2009 in my kitchen. I'm pretty sure others may have tried it or improved on it since then. We do them for fun, no other motivation, and hope others find something they like.


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