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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marnie's Cheesy Meat Lasagna

Since many have asked for this recipe after seeing me post the pic on Facebook, so here you go.

I was so excited yesterday I haven't really left the kitchen since the morning.  I'm not one for fancy cookware as my old beat up cheapie stuff has served me well over the years.  It was time however to start replacing some of my 20 year old cheaper stuff finally.  I treated myself to Le Crueset.  Three french/dutch ovens.  One round one 3.3L, and two ovals 5qt, and 7qt size.  I also picked up a lasagna pan, and a cute kiwi coloured kettle.   My old saucepans also needed replacing and I picked up a beautiful set of stainless saute pans, stockpot, and saucepans.

I just HAD to get in the kitchen.   It started by making my spaghetti meatsauce.  Here

I made a pork roast for dinner and then some lasagna last night to have for dinner tonight.   Today I started making Coq au Vin which I'll blog about tomorrow.  My first time making that one.

Without further adieu my lasagna recipe.  It's really quite simple.  Sometimes I use homemade pasta, other times simple box noodles.   Last night I combined both spinach and regular lasagna noodles to use up 1/2 boxes in the cupboard.

Here is what I do.  For a large size as illustrated, I'll use approx 1 1/2 boxes of noodles.  Boil as directed with a little olive oil in the water. and rinse with cold  tap water.  Leave in strainer.

Place a thin layer of meat sauce on the bottom of the pan topped with a layer of noodles.
Spoon some fresh ricotta cheese and spread as evenly as possible over the noodles.   Generously spoon more meat sauce over the ricotta cheese.  It will all mix up together and that's okay.

Sometimes I'll even take a full tub of ricotta, pour into a large mixing bowl and pre mix with a generous amount of meat sauce. 

Layer your multiple cheeses over the sauce mixture.  I shred mozzarella, emmental,  parmesan, provolone.  I don't sweat if I'm missing one.  I often have asiago in the fridge and will mix a little of that in too.

Place another layer of noodles on top of the shredded cheese and start again.

Shredded Cheese

I usually get about 4 layers of noodles for a pan, sometimes one more.

Back at preheated 350 F oven for 45 minutes uncovered.
Remove from oven and let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

This recipe freezes beautifully.  Often I will take the leftovers (or make two) and cut them into those small tin foil containers with lids and freeze. 

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