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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Today I was literally a kid in a candy store. I hit the bulk barn bulk food store. My husband was laughing at me as I got insanely excited about finding bloodshot eyeballs, skull candy, bloody bones candy, candy corn etc.

The ideas were just plowing out of my brain on top of each other for halloween as my daughter is having a party this year. I can't wait!!! (just to make some fun treats).

In the meantime though we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weeknd. It will be a busy week of getting ready. i just couldn't help myself though and made some cupcakes tonight. I decided to use the candy corn and made some turkey cupcakes with my two youngest (aged 8,9)

They look a little mutated (and possibly phallic in some cases) but I am claiming innocence on all of that. I passing the buck to my kids. HA.

Anyhow, our turkey cupcakes.

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